The Keenan Group, Berkeley

Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, UC Berkeley

Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.


Group Members

Photo of Trevor

Trevor F. Keenan

Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
Faculty Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Research interests: Terrestrial ecosystems and global change; ecosystem ecology; biosphere-atmosphere interactions and feedbacks; data science; machine learning; plant traits; phenology and vegetation cover; model-data integration

Curriculum vitae: download
Telephone: 510-486-5537

Photo of Remi

Xiangzhong (Remi) Luo

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research interests: Remote sensing, global photosynthesis, terrestrial ecosystem models

PhD (2017), Physical Geography, University of Toronto, Canada
MSc (2013), Physical Geography, Peking University, China
BSc (2010), Environment and Resource Management (GIS & Remote sensing), Wuhan University, China

Telephone: 510-384-6606

Photo of Cecilia

Cecilia Chavana-Bryant

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research interests: Plant traits, spectral methods, tropical ecology

PhD (2016), Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, UK
MSc (2006), Botanical Conservation, University of Plymouth, UK
BSc (2004), Ecology, University of Plymouth, UK

Telephone: 510-384-6606

Photo of Xinchen

Xinchen Lu

Graduate Student

Research interests: Climate change, remote sensing, data science, land surface models, phenology

MSc (2019), Global Environmental Change, Beijing Normal University, China
BSc (2016), Remote Sensing and Technology, Wuhan University, China

Telephone: 510-384-6606

Photo of Elmera

Elmera Azadpour

Undergraduate Researcher

Research interests: Environmental Science, Urban Ecology, Stable Isotopes, Nitrogen Cycling

BSc (2019), Environmental Biology, University of Utah

Telephone: 510-384-6606

Photo of Genan

Genan Wu

Visiting Graduate Student

Research interests: Climate change, evapotranspiration, land surface models

PhD (2017-), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Telephone: 510-384-6606


Photo of Paul

Paul Rosane

Masters student

Research interests: Data science, machine learning, environmental science

MSc (2016-) Applied Mathematics, ENSTA ParisTech, Paris, France
BSc (2016) Mathematics, Lycee Condorcet, France

Photo of Mengtian

Mengtian Huang

Visiting graduate student (Piao group, Peking University)

Research interests: Climate change, drought and optimal photosynthesis

PhD (2016-) Piao Group, Peking University, China

Photo of Nick

Nick Smith

Postdoctoral Researcher (currently faculty at Texas Tech)

Research interests: Plant acclimation, photosynthetic theory, optimality

PhD (2016) Biological Sciences, Purdue University
BSc (2010) Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Purdue Univeristy

Photo of Anna

Anna Ukkola

Graduate student (currently a postdoc at UNSW)

Research interests: Interactions between vegetation, climate and water resources

PhD (2016) Biological Sciences, Macquarie University, Australia
BSc (2010) Geography, University of Bristol, UK